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Finding the perfect music streaming app can greatly enhance your listening experience. This article delves into two standout options: Blackhole Music and Vi Music. Both of these apps offer unique features and functionalities designed to cater to music enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for high-quality streaming, a user-friendly interface, or seamless playlist management, understanding the differences between Blackhole Music and Vi Music can help you make an informed choice.

Read this article completely to explore a detailed comparison of these two music streaming powerhouses, and discover which app best suits your musical needs and preferences. Dive in to learn how each app stands out and find the perfect companion for your audio adventures.

BlackHole Music Vs Vi Music

What is BlackHole Music?

Blackhole Music is an innovative music streaming platform, a game-changer for those who want control and customization over their listening experience. Blackhole Music allows you to stream and download tracks from various sources, including Spotify, YouTube Music, and JioSaavn. You can import your existing playlists or create new ones from the app’s extensive music library.

Its minimalistic and user-friendly interface makes it stand out, allowing easy theme colour and gradient customization to match your mood and style. The app’s smooth animations and transitions provide an enjoyable user experience. Offering high-resolution music streaming and downloading, Blackhole Music is the perfect solution for music enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favourite tracks anytime, anywhere. Download Blackhole Music today and revolutionize your online music experience.

Key Features of Blackhole Music

  • Enjoy music in the best streaming quality available, with 320kbps AAC audio for a superior listening experience.
  • Easily find songs, albums, artists, and playlists with an intuitive search feature.
  • Discover language-specific promoted playlists tailored to your preferences.
  • Explore music through artist and genre-based radio stations for a diverse listening experience.
  • Access music in over 15 different languages, catering to a global audience.
  • Listen to local and global top songs from Spotify directly within the app.
  • Add your favorite songs to a dedicated list for quick access.
  • Create, manage, and enjoy playlists effortlessly.
  • Import your existing playlists from Spotify and YouTube for a seamless transition.
  • Easily export and import playlists using JSON files for backup and sharing.
  • Share your playlists with friends and family.
  • Set a sleep timer to automatically stop music playback after a specified time.
  • Download your favourite tracks for offline listening.
  • Backup and restore your app settings and playlists for peace of mind.
  • Completely Free with No Subscriptions
  • Access all features without any subscription fees.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted music with no ads.

Blackhole Music provides an unparalleled music streaming experience with high-quality audio, extensive language support, and a user-friendly interface. Download Blackhole Music App today and revolutionize how you enjoy music online.

What is Vi Music?

Vi Music is a powerful third-party app that lets you play songs from YouTube Music without any limitations. With Vi Music, you can easily search for songs, artists, video clips, or entire playlists by tapping on the search section. The app offers seamless playback in the background, allowing you to listen to music while using other apps or when your screen is turned off. With Vi Music, you can enjoy your favorite tracks even without an internet connection. Vi Music app provides a smooth and uninterrupted music experience, making it a top choice for music enthusiasts. 

Key Features of the Latest Vi Music

  • The “Shuffle All” feature creates a dynamic playlist based on your listening habits. It tracks all the songs you’ve played, giving you the option to shuffle through them or revisit specific tracks easily.
  • Enjoy unlimited playback with Vi Music APK. Stream your favourite songs on repeat or explore new genres all day long without any playback restrictions.
  • Vi Music APK supports background playback, allowing you to listen to your favourite music while using other apps or when your screen is turned off.
  • Easily search for songs, artists, video clips, or entire playlists. The intuitive search function makes finding your favourite music effortless.
  • Songs you listen to are stored in the cache, enabling offline playback. so you can enjoy your favourite tracks easily without an internet connection.
  • Vi Music APK does not require rooting your device, ensuring a hassle-free installation and use.
  • The app features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use.
  • Experience high-quality audio playback for an immersive listening experience.
  • Vi Music APK receives regular updates to ensure optimal performance and access to the latest features.
  • Vi Music offers a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use.

Vi Music app provides a comprehensive music streaming experience with features designed to cater to all your listening needs

Comparison Between Blackhole Music and Vi Music

Both Blackhole Music and Vi Music app offer exceptional music streaming experiences, but they cater to different needs and preferences.

User-Friendly Interface

BlackHole Music features a minimalistic and pleasant interface with customizable theme colors and smooth transitions. However, Vi Music also provides a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use. But the BlackHole Music interface is much better in terms of response time and smooth animation.

Music Source Integration

Blackhole Music supports streaming and downloading from multiple sources, including YT Music, YouTube, and JioSaavn. Vi Music focuses on playing songs from YouTube Music, allowing users to search for songs, artists, video clips, and playlists.

Audio Quality

Blackhole Music allow users to customize the audio quality manually, you can choose 320 Kbps audio from the settings to listen to high-quality music and songs but there is no such option in Vi Music, you can not manually adjust audio quality but they claim to provide 320 kbps audio.


With Blackhole Music, you can also listen to the Podcast. However, there is no specific section for Podcast but when you search the channel name of your favorite Podcaster, you will find it on this app and will be able to listen to it for free without ads. Whereas, Vi Music is designed specifically for music streaming so there is no option for Podcast in this app.

Choose Blackhole Music for diverse music source integration and advanced playlist management. Opt for Vi Music for seamless YouTube Music integration and a straightforward user interface. Download either app to enhance your music streaming experience.


Both Blackhole Music and Vi Music offer robust features for music streaming enthusiasts. Blackhole Music excels with its diverse source integration and advanced playlist management, while Vi Music stands out with its seamless YouTube Music integration and intuitive interface.

Depending on your specific needs—whether it’s high-quality streaming, dynamic playlist creation, or offline playback—each app provides unique benefits. By understanding their differences, you can select the app that best enhances your music-listening experience. Download Blackhole Music or Vi Music today to transform how you enjoy your favorite tunes.

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